Product Identification


Define your product logo with 3-D Product Identification by Marking Specialists Group. This sophisticated process creates a three-dimensional appearance using our very own revolutionary DuroLenz technology and expertise. This unique, optical effect complements the complexity and definition of any image or logo. This domed design can be independently applied to a surface or installed in a bezel to enhance and protect the emblem.

Visually enhances branding with revolutionary 3-D graphic technology

Able to utilize a combination of in-house technologies

Transform and contour shapes and characters into a 3D logo

High quality, durable, flexible polyurethane

Infinite colors including transparent, translucent, or opaque

3D nameplates with smooth, flawless lettering



 Flexible for application on curved surfaces

Pre-spaced “Open Letters” to ensure proper alignment in application

“Duro-Script” allows for custom fonts

Chemical and abrasion resistant with high UV performance

Optical domed lens contours to precise graphic shapes

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