3D Product Identification Applications


Define your product logo with 3-D Product Identification by Marking Specialists Group. This sophisticated process creates a three-dimensional appearance using our very own revolutionary technology and expertise. This unique, optical effect complements the complexity and definition of any image or logo. This domed design can be independently applied to a surface or installed in a bezel to enhance and protect the emblem.


• MSG’s Product Identification visually enhances branding with revolutionary 3-D graphic technology
• Product styles include Duro-Lenz, Duro-Graphics, Duro-Armour, Polycarbonate Overlays and Decals
• Allows any unique shape or characters to be transformed and contoured into a 3-D logo
• Produced in high quality, durable and flexible polyurethane; adding height & definitive profile to each character or shape
• Available in an infinite range of colors with transparent, translucent or opaque color options