OEM Industry

Marking Specialists Group brings a range of options to the OEM Market. We utilize our in-house technologies to achieve high-end functional decals and overlays, and a variety of decorative decals to enhance our customer’s branding visually. We pride ourselves on upholding the standards and procedures required to partner with today’s leading OEMs. Our testing and quality assurance is committed to adhesive performance to various substrates, to ensure robust decal performance when met with heavy usage. Our staff is ready to handle your PPAP, PFEP, REACH compliance, testing, and certification requirements and make sure your production line is uninterrupted. If a new paint system or plastic creates an application issue, we are here to share our experience and knowledge to provide solutions.


High-quality, and durable Chrome badges and emblems.  

3D Chrome Emblems

Decals and Overlays

High-quality decals overlays and keypads that can stand up to chemicals, weather, and heavy use.

Domed Logo Labels

Our High-quality, precision Domed Labels and Graphic Decals enhance your product identification. 

Trim and Surface Vents

All of our trim, badges, vents, and surface accessories are aesthetic as well as functional. 


Branded Graphics

Durable and high-quality graphics that can enhance your product.

Additional Solutions for OEM