Luxury Display Trays

Display your luxury product with custom Luxury Display Trays. All trays are designed, engineered, and built to custom specifications. They are molded with three-dimensional precision, using our Durographics technology with multiple finish options  available, ranging from opaque to transparent. We can apply our process to straight, curved, or compound surfaces. Numerous colors and textures are incorporated in unison into the design – never needing post-processing, polishing, or decoration. 

Typical applications include but are not limited to: Cosmetics, Dash Panels, Jewelry, Collectibles, Electronics, Medical Equipment, Rare Coins, Timepieces, Optics/Cameras, and High-End Flatware.

Customized optically clear with crystal-like, prismatic effect

Luxury and custom fit recesses for products

Optional Marble, Burl Wood, Wood Gloss and Grey Marble Textures

Scratch and abrasion resistant

No limitations on size, color, shape, opaqueness and translucency

Watch our video below featuring our Luxury Display Trays!