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DuroLenz is our specialized urethane doming process of pressure-sensitive decals and labels that creates an optically clear dome that protects the decal and provides a premium tactile feel.

Features and Benefits

  • Doming is available in a high or low dome

  • It can be embossed for added dimensional appeal

  • Micro-doming is available for fine and crisp text

  • No limitations on geometric shapes, allowing the emblem to match your logo shape

  • Flexibility allows for adhesion on curved surfaces

  • An economical method of providing dimensionality

  • Advanced and automated technology enables a high production rate

  • Automotive exterior weathering approved

  • Durable finish that will stand up to outdoor conditions of water, heat, and abrasion

Common Applications


  • Large marine and RV applications

  • Small high-volume detail automotive use

  • Product Identification

  • Outdoor heavy duty product labels

  • Industrial equipment

  • HVAC equipment

Finish Options

  • DuroScript works well with thin, individual letter doming with precise lines

  • Substrates available include black, white, color, metallic (chrome), and transparent

  • We can dome your already-printed labels

DuroLenz Product Specifications