DuroChrome Logo

DuroChrome is our in-house technology that accomplishes exceptional three-dimensional chrome badging and trim. It enhances your brand by creating a premium look and feel. The process is not only durable to the elements but is safe for the environment.

Features and Benefits

  • A premium chrome finish
  • Our design team specializes in combining DuroChrome with our other technologies to create an enhanced appearance
  • Combine with our DuroLume so your brand can stand out at night and in dark environments
  • Can use an array of colors to create the image you want
  • A durable finish will stand up to elements and heavy use
  • Low tooling costs at a fraction of the price compared to the tooling costs for injection molding
  • Unlike chrome-dipped injection molded parts, our process is environmentally friendly
  • Automotive exterior weathering approved

Common Applications

  • Marine interior/exterior

  • Automotive interior/exterior

  • High-end branding and badges

  • Dealership product identification

  • Point of Purchase merchandising displays

Finish Options


  • Color can be applied to emblem

  • Optional LED illumination enables the emblem to literally shine

DuroChrome Product Specifications