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DuroNeon It is a fantastic perk-rich alternative to traditional neon signage, without having to compromise on the intense glow and atmosphere!


Our DuroNeon uses our extremely durable, weatherproof, and highly-customizable Durographics instead of glass which means zero fragility or extreme temperatures. That makes our DuroNeon risk-free in handling, installation and transport. This also means that we are not limited to the traditional shape designs of neon signage. Our special LED lighting systems have a long lifespan with very minimal risk of burn-out. The beauty of LED (compared to traditional neon) is that if replacement is required it is an easy and cost-effective fix.

The DuroNeon system allows for any color selection for any portion of the sign, or the entire sign. Variable color selection including RBG Color System. Our DuroNeon is 100% safe to the touch and highly impact resistant. This makes it safe to display right up against any other materials without any hazards that come with traditional neon signage. MSG’s DuroNeon solution is perfect for any application where neon is used, but especially for ultra-creative POP retail displays! Turn up your project’s glow with MSG’s DuroNeon! 

Quick-Look at DuroNeon Benefits

  • Impact resistant– will not shatter or be hazardous if sign dropped or otherwise mishandled. 
  • Any color selection for individual letters or the entire sign.
  • Highly durable product with a long service life. 
  • Programmable LED illumination system can be incorporated.