Dashboards and Control Panels

A combination of our various Duro-technologies lets us achieve impressive, durable, cost-effective dashboards and panels for our customers throughout multiple industries. We specialize in the use of our Durographics to create multi-color 3 dimensional parts. We also offer flat acrylic, polycarbonate or aluminum panels, including the use of our DuroChrome technology. The use of different finishes, textures, and patterns combined with lighting effects, Durolume, creates a stunning illuminated result. Our precision tooling fits for the dimensions of your electrical and control parts. With our ability to simulate various industrial and organic materials alike, allows the whole project to be done all under one roof. Our panels are completed without the need for additional assembly, or product and material outsourcing. 

Sleek, multiple finishes, including simulated organic materials.

Custom windows and smooth contours to fit electronic dials and buttons.

Our chrome finish is effective and environmentally friendly

Can be used together with our overlay technology

In-house expert design and consulting capabilities