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Our partnership with a leading automotive LED lighting manufacturer has enabled us to illuminate a wide range of our products, including DuroChrome, DuroGraphics, DuroNeon, and DuroLenz. These products feature compact, powerfully luminescent LEDs, allowing our products to shine like never before, with the confidence of proven testing.

Features and Benefits

  • We only use durable LED lighting

  • Sophisticated board-free technology

  • Ability to apply lighting to particularly thin applications

  • Options for high-intensity illumination 

  • Automotive exterior weathering approved

Common Applications


  • Marine and Powersport Badging

  • Threshold Floor Graphics

  • Steering Wheel Emblems

  • Sew-in Upholstery Graphic

  • Dash Panels

  • POP Displays

  • Store Signage, Displays, and Advertising




  • LED illumination, allowing your sign/design to shine

  • Materials options include metal, acrylic, or polyurethane

  • Shape can be flat or three-dimensional

  • our DuroNeon signs are highly customizable, with each stroke we are able to feature a different color


Additional Illuminated Signage

Check out our Durolume project videos