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DuroGraphics is our most versatile technology, with multiple finishes and textures available. Any industry can utilize it. We use a three-dimensional molded urethane process that permits numerous colors during the molding process, resulting in highly durable, self-healing, and vibrant graphics, in unlimited sizes and thicknesses.

Features and Benefits

  • Creates a precise part that is crisp with straight lines and zero-tolerance registration. This feature is superior to thermal forming.

  • Multiple colors are available, including metallic flake

  • High impact resistance with self-healing properties

  • It can be transparent to fit with our DuroLume technology

  • Improved cost-efficiency and quality over injection molding

  • Automotive exterior weathering approved

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Durable finish that will stand up to conditions of water, heat, and abrasion

Common Applications

  • Dash panels

  • Large boat graphics
  • Durable vehicle mats and engine covers

  • Upholstery (illuminated and non-illuminated)

  • Point of Purchase (POP) displays


Finish Options


  • Available in any color on the spectrum

  • Opaque, Translucent, or Transparent finishes available

  • Textures include Glossy, Rough, Matte, etc. 

  • Various adhesives to choose from


See our Durographics in action!

Durographics Product Specifications

Note: Durographics product specifications also apply to our line of Luxury Display Trays and Dash Panels.