Marine Industry

Marking Specialists Group engages in the Marine market by offering high-quality water-friendly badges, accents, illumination, and trim parts. We can integrate numerous in-house technologies and prototyping, to provide our clients with creative and specialized options for their products. Our formed parts have zero size restrictions. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. We offer competitive pricing and efficient customer service.  


Specialized and durable lighting features to built-in features, trim and upholstery. 

Product Identification

Use eye-catching, water-friendly nameplates, decals, and 3D labels to highlight your brand. 

Panels and Overlays

Utilize our high-quality Polycarbonate Overlays for your system panels and safety instruction

Badges and Trim

Water-safe badges and accents that are durable and strong enough to handle long-term elements and usage.

Dash Panels

Use our DuroGraphics technology to create stunning dash panels with any finish.


Additional Solutions for Marine