Marking Specialists Group Product Lines

Duro-Lenz (Domed Labels)
Product ID Applications



Define your product logo with Duro-Lenz by Marking Specialists Group.
This sophisticated process creates a 3-Dimensional appearance using our very own revolutionary technology and expertise. This unique, optical effect complements the complexity and definition of any image/logo. This domed design can be independently applied to a surface or installed in a bezel to enhance and protect the emblem.

Point of Purchase Applications



Three dimensional molded lettering for POP displays that can be utilized with permanent or temporary displays. Duro-Graphics are three-dimensional molded and domed lettering that can be utilized with permanent or temporary displays. Draw attention to your business with our 3D Duro-Graphics and Duro-Lenz technologies.


Duro-Armour Metal Nameplates
Automotive Applications



Metal nameplates are no longer limited to a dull, industrial look.
Through our production process, these plates are transformed into highly decorative pieces for automotive, appliance, commercial, industrial or other consumer goods applications. Define your product brand and stand out in the marketplace.


Luxury Display Trays
State of the Art Luxury Displays


Luxury Display Trays are molded in 3-Dimensional precision and manufactured in optically clear material, translucent or fully opaque finishes to your color specification. Multiple surfaces can be gloss, matte and textured. Unlimited design creativity can be applied with straight, curved or compound surfaces.
Multiple colors can be incorporated into the design and molded in the process without the need for post processing, polishing or decoration.


Illuminated & non-Illuminated



Our signage offers the integration of LED Illumination in Cast Letters, Signs and Displays; signage options includeIlluminated or non-Illuminated. There are endless possibilities of custom color matching, and multiple colors can be used at once in the process. Sign parts can be specified to be optically clear, translucent or opaque in any size or shape.


Product Identification
Decals and Labels


Offering the most complete line of decals to the marketplace, Marking Specialists Group (MSG) is a true leader in product innovation and brand identification. Our team will work with you to provide solutions you need with the quality, pricing, and timely delivery you deserve.


Polycarbonate Overlays


Polycarbonate Overlays are ideal for brands manufacturing medical devices, automotive parts or industrial equipment. Overlays are printed on the second surface to protect graphics from abrasions. In addition, overlays reflect reliability and quality of company brands and products. This particular product line is a popular choice for excellent clarity, stability, heat resistance and impact strength.
All of our overlay options offer a wide variety of adhesives to meet application needs and are abrasion, heat, stain and chemical resistant.

“ClearView” Illuminated Panels
Brilliant 3D Aesthetic Graphics

We offer evolutionary 3D graphics called “ClearView” Illuminated Panels.In this advanced manufacturing process, graphics are integrated into specially molded panels. These panels provide a fascinating visual experience, selective areas of the panels can be emphasized in 3D by this unique technology. The panels can be customized in size for specific applications and designs and images are rendered in an unlimited range of 3D vivid colors. These panels are ideal for commercial advertising and extraordinary architectural applications.