Polycarbonate Overlays & "Duro-Key" Keypads

Polycarbonate Overlays are ideal for brands manufacturing medical devices, automotive parts or industrial equipment.
Overlays are printed on the second surface to protect graphics from abrasions. In addition, overlays reflect reliability and quality of company brands and products. This particular product line is a popular choice for excellent clarity, stability, heat resistance and impact strength. All of our overlay options offer a wide variety of adhesives to meet application needs and are abrasion, heat, stain and chemical resistant.

“Duro-Key” Keypad Overlays

• Duro-Key is a urethane-encapsulated keypad overlay that provides optical tactile positioning in a keypad

• Enhances both visually and adds tactile touch by adding dimension

• Individual 3D raised switch locations provide exceptional positive tactile control for ease of operator use

• Flawlessly printed graphics can be produced in multiple colors and selectively textured

• Can provide transparent locations for backlighting including enhanced electroluminescent lighting

• Abrasion and chemical resistant