Retail Point of Purchase Applications




MSG is a leader in retail Point of Purchase (POP) in providing top notch 3D displays for well known companies and brands.
Duro-Graphics are three-dimensional molded and domed lettering that can be utilized with permanent or temporary displays.
Draw attention to your business with our incredible 3D designs using our Duro-Graphics and Duro-Lenz technologies.



• Products include Duro-Graphics and Duro-Lenz products; manufactured in cast polymers with optional doming and highest quality adhesives
• DuroGraphics offers unlimited illuminated and non-illuminated configuration for displays
• 3D Vivid definition with luxurious, contoured surfaces
• Transparent, translucent or opaque color options
• Optional finishing styles also include gold, silver, nickel, brass or aluminum
• No limitations to color, size or shape, multiple colors can be incorporated at once
• Excellent durability for any POP display, flexible parts are easily adapted to mounting surfaces