"Duro-Lenz" Domed Labels



Define your product logo with vibrant and dimensional emblems known as ” Duro-Lenz”. This specialized process creates a three-dimensional appearance using our sophisticated process. The possibilities are endless; and the visual luster and artistic visual appeal is superior in the manufacturing industry. This unique, optical effect complements the complexity and definition of any design with Duro-Lenz domed labels.  


• Professional 3D nameplates with smooth, flawless lettering
• Flexible for application on curved surfaces
• “Duro-Script” allows formation of nameplates in custom fonts
• Each graphic emblem is coated in an optically clear lens, creating a dome that contours to precise shapes
• Nameplates include “Open Letters” that are pre-spaced to ensure proper alignment in application
• Chemical and abrasion resistant with high UV performance